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Protecting Your Furniture from Flood Damage

Flooding Inside the HomeFloods due to hurricanes are natural disasters and cannot be prevented. But it is possible to take precautions and protect your interiors and furniture from serious damage. If adequate precautions are not taken, many homes around the area can get badly affected by floods and other types of water damage.

Here’s how to keep your furniture safe from the flood:


If you have some kind of forewarning about the floods, then you can move the furniture and other valuables to an elevated place or upstairs. You might find it challenging, but it is all worth it, as you will safeguard your furniture and other important household items. Replacing them can be very expensive and time-consuming. You can also consider keeping all your precious furniture in a storage facility in Ogden. You must consider this option if your home gets flooded regularly during the rainy season or if your flooring is already facing flood damage.


If the floodwater is at your doorstep and you don’t have much time, use the trash and scraps available to protect your furniture. This could be empty plastic bags, empty tins, painting pots, and other materials. You can put the legs of chairs, tables, cots, and sofas into the empty tins and pots. You can also tie up plastic bags around them, to ensure that the floodwater does not damage them.

Use sand bags and flood bags

You should invest in sandbags, as they are very useful if flooding is a common occurrence in your area. Place the sand bags around your property, so that they can absorb the water and reduce the chances of the water reaching your door. Flood bags are waterproof defense mechanisms; they are large bags that can protect your valuable furniture from being damaged by floodwaters. This can preserve your chairs, tables, electrical fixtures, soft furnishing, paper work and other items of sentimental value.

Additionally, you can install flood proof windows and doors to protect your home, especially if you live in a flood-prone area.

These are just some of the measures you can take to safeguard your furniture against water damage. Be alert and follow the local government’s advisory on incoming weather disturbances, such as hurricanes, that can cause floods.


Water Treatment Systems for Safe and Clean Water

Water TanksDo you know whether you need a water treatment system? Raw water contains many contaminants that could pose a health threat to human beings. Water treatment systems ensure that you obtain clean and healthy water. It, however, can actually be difficult to know the best type of water treatment system.

Although the ultimate choice of the type of water treatment system is entirely on you; it is wise to consider crucial factors in your selection process. Ashton Tucker Water Treatment cites the following.

Present Water Contaminants

Water treatment products vary in their functionality in removing contaminants. Some products are better in removing certain contaminants than others. If you are unsure about the present contaminants in your water, contact your water provider for a water quality report. If the water quality report is absent, a water test helps identify the present contaminants.

Water Testing

During water testing, water treatment professionals run laboratory tests on the specimen. The experts will advise you on appropriate water treatment measures that could include using water treatment equipment such as filter under drains and clarifier skimmers. With a deeper understanding of the present contaminants, you can then acquire a suitable water treatment system.

Type of Water Treatment System

Two kinds of water treatment systems are point-of-use and point-of-entry systems. Point-of-entry systems treat all the water entering your residence and often come after your storage tank. On the other hand, point-of-use water systems treat water at the point of usage: showerhead or kitchen sink. Some point-of-use water treatment systems dispense filtered water through a faucet and others install inline.

Regular maintenance is important in ensuring that water treatment systems run effectively. Most water treatment systems come with an operating manual that bears relevant instructions. Following the instructions ensure that you operate your system in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions. In addition, cleaning, repairing and replacing water treatment parts as often as the manufacturer recommends keeps your water treatment system in shape.

A Look Into the Annoying Water Heater Temp Fluctuation

Water Heater Temp in Salt Lake City

Water Heater Temp in Salt Lake CityOne of the most common issues when it comes to water heaters is temperature fluctuation. You will often notice this when someone flushes a toilet, turns on the tap, or does the laundry while you take a shower. Cold water suddenly blasts you in the shower.

There are several possible reasons why this happens, and knowing what they are can help you prevent surprises in the shower.

Too much toilet water

Because water heater temp fluctuations can occur when someone flushes a toilet, it is possible your toilet system uses too much water quickly. You can counter this by simply tinkering with the supply valve. Close it up a little to make the toilet fill up longer.

Another trick is to get a new toilet, but this time, invest in a low flow one.

Old mixing valves

Mixing valves, as the term already suggests, control the mixture of cold and hot water. An outdated one may already perform poorly, which means it either mixes in too much cold water with the hot, or vice versa.

With a new mixing valve in place, you can considerably reduce fluctuations in the water heater. In fact, top quality products can even completely get rid of this problem.

Greater supply than demand (or the other way around)

When too many people use the water supply at the same time, the demand is greater than the supply. Most water heaters require time to heat up the water, and the lack of time in between shower uses renders it with insufficient heating time. Either you increase the supply or reduce the demand, or you end up with inconsistencies in temperatures.

A great way to counter these issues is to work with a plumbing contractor in Salt Lake City such as Glover Plumbing for the best possible approach. Sometimes, it is necessary to make changes and updates to the plumbing system to finally bid temp fluctuations goodbye.