The Brow Lift: Say Goodbye to Saggy Brows

Eyebrow Being GroomedNeed something to perk up your face without major surgery, but with effective results and minimal downtime? A brow lift could improve any face that has lost some (or most) of its youth. It treats eyebrows, eyelids, and saggy forehead skin, resulting in a more youthful look. As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, you should know and understand how it works before setting an appointment.

Brow Lift Basics

The procedure comes in two types, and the most appropriate one for you depends on what you want to achieve and your current health condition. With the classic brow lift, your surgeon will make a continuous cut around your hairline and adjust the placement of your saggy brow. With an endoscopic brow lift, your surgeon will make a number of tinier cuts. 

With both brow lift procedures, your surgeon will have to adjust and move some tissues and certain muscles to achieve that lifted look. Regardless of the type of brow lift, you’ll fist have to undergo an evaluation process to check if you’re healthy enough for the procedure.

Downtime is minimal, depending on your job and daily activities, and the entire procedure itself is only around one to two hours. You’ll be given an anesthesia or IV sedation during treatment to numb the pain. While recovery differs from one patient to another, it usually lasts for 10 days to two weeks.

More than Just a Lift in Appearance

Aside from lifting and enhancing your facial appearance, a brow lift could likewise increase or bring back your self-esteem, resulting in an improvement in your professional, social, and even love life. Furthermore, you also get these extra perks from a Sandy cosmetic surgeon's brow lift:

  • Smoothened frown lines
  • Raised saggy eyebrows
  • Reduced wrinkles between your eyes, nose bridge, and forehead
  • More youthful, yet natural-looking eyebrow placement

Put simply, a brow lift not only enhances your facial features, but positively impact how you feel about yourself as well. However, do note that you have to weigh the benefits and risks before undergoing a brow lift. If you are healthy enough to undergo the procedure, then there’s really no reason to let time ravage your appearance if you can do something to fight it.