The Results of Poor Dental Hygiene

Scared Female Patient at the Dentist's Office

For most people, dental hygiene doesn’t extend beyond brushing their teeth. Despite going against any advice from dental professionals, such individuals view such a routine as sufficient. Unfortunately, cleaning twice a day can hardly suffice in keeping their teeth healthy and clean. In fact, it opens you up to a myriad of dental problems that can ruin your social life.

Bad Breath

If you were to ask people to test their breath, the vast majority would just cup their hands, blow and smell their cupped hands. In most case, the breath smells fresh, leaving them reassured that they don’t have a foul mouth. Unfortunately, such an approach doesn’t give the correct picture and is quite misleading.

For reliable results, explains a reputable dentist in Birmingham, you should lick the inside of your wrist. Leave the saliva to dry for a few minute then take a whiff. Dental clinics like Euro Dental Care explain that if you encounter a pungent smell, that is the actual representation of your breath. While various factors are responsible for halitosis, bad oral hygiene exacerbates the condition. The same case applies to people who find it cumbersome to brush their tongues.

Missing Teeth

It comes as a great surprise to people who only brush their teeth to learn that they are suffering from cavities. While it is of great importance to clean your teeth in the morning, it is not enough to keep them free of cavities. Your mouth has bacteria and other microbes that could infect your teeth and gums. Hence, it is your responsibility to keep your mouth clean as much as possible. Brushing twice in a day with a fluoride toothpaste, flossing at least once a day, and meeting your dentist twice a year is the most efficient way to do this. Cavities increase the likelihood of losing some of your teeth.

Mistakenly, many people think that brushing their teeth suffices to keep their teeth clean and healthy. Unfortunately, such a habit only leaves you with cavities and bad breath.