Why Do You Have Double Chin?

Double ChinMany people tend to link double chins with weight gain or obesity, but that’s not the case all the time.

Double chin occurs when the subcutaneous fat around the neck area starts to become saggy, and this can be due to the following:

1. Heredity

Genes can “govern” many facial features. A cleft chin, for example, is due to the recessive gene containing such traits. While there’s much to know about the connection between your chin and genes, those with family members or relatives with double chins may also have the same predisposition.

2. Age

Many things can happen to the skin as you age. One of these is its decreased elasticity as the production of collagen and elastin decreases. Because the skin’s framework becomes weak, it starts to hang loosely or sag. In the process, it can give the appearance of a double chin.

3. Posture

While posture doesn't cause the skin to sag or don't have anything to do with genetics, it may still create double chins. It happens when you tend to push your face forward and tilt your head low. The easy way to avoid the problem is to learn proper posture.

How to Get Rid of Double Chins

Sometimes double chins can disappear on their own. In other cases, they remain even if you have already lost weight. Fortunately, you have two options to get rid of them.

The first one is through surgery. Usually, surgeons work on other parts of the face such as the neck, the cheek, or the forehead. Liposuction can remove the excess fat around the neck to tighten the skin and remove the double chin.

Surgeries, however, are expensive and are best left to those with complex facial concerns like wrinkles and overall sagging. If your problem is only your double chin, a safer choice is Kybella in Beverly Hills from experts like Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills.

It is a FDA-approved injectable containing deoxycholic acid, which helps break down fat on the double chin. It is a prescription medicine, so only those diagnosed with a moderate-to-severe problem can use it.

Before you undergo the procedure, make sure you talk to your Beverly Hills physician and undergo an assessment.